How Does US Trivia Night Work?


Sign up at the bottom of this page for a free set of questions. It's a great way to see the quality of work that we put into each night. If you like what you see, we have subscriptions for as low at $18 a week.

Most trivia happens between Monday and Thursday nights when business isn't as good as the weekend. Plan to have your first trivia 3 weeks out. This allows you to download our provided flier, post on social media, and tell your staff.

This is the scariest part for bar owners. But the truth is, you have someone or multiple people already on staff that, with a little bit of training, would be great hosts. That's where we come in.


Why Use US Trivia Night?



We have over fifty years of combined experience in the world of trivia nights. We know what is important in getting a Trivia Night started and making sure it continues to run successfully. We make ourself available for phone, text, and email support. All of which is included in every subscription package available.


We have trained over 300 hosts in the last 15 years. We know what we are doing and we're here to help make sure your host is the best. The truth is, hosting trivia is fun and quite easy after a bit of training and the right resources. US Trivia Night provides everything needed to have a great Trivia Night.


Hosting your own Trivia Night gives you the ultimate control. Using one of your regulars or someone on staff is the best option because they care about the overall experience.

Save Money

On average, a trivia night costs between $150 and $250 when you include labor and gift certificates. With US Trivia Night, your cost can be as low at $100 a night when you include those same things. That's a minimum savings of over $2500 a year and a maximum savings of $7500 a year!



We provide over 30 minutes of online videos to train your host. These videos include interviews with current and former trivia hosts, technical videos on how to setup sound equipment, and a 7 minute long video on basic tips for new hosts.


Each week, we send you a set of Trivia Questions. Each set includes thirty trivia questions from the most popular categories. Sport + pop culture, etc.



Just like your normal business, your trivia night requires a certain level of Marketing. We help you in two ways, Onsite and Online. Social Media content and signage for your location to use.


Each question set comes with a playlist of music that has been "matched up" with the nightly set of questions. This takes out the guess work for your host. The music is diverse and usually includes more upbeat music for a lively trivia night.


We provide your host with a special excel file that includes built in formulas so they can keep score without having to add or subtract points. It does everything for you.

The Games

  • 21 Questions
  • 21 Songs

More of a social game as it attracts all players types. Some categories used would be: Sports, Movies, Music, History, etc. As seen from companies like: The Trivia Factory, Team Trivia, and Trivia Nation.

  • Less Music
  • More Questions

As seen from companies like: Geeks Who Drink. Some categories used would be: "As Seen on TV", Mary Tyler Scorn Show", etc.  Also known as the Jeopardy format.

  • Sex, Drugs, Rock-n-Roll, Alcohol, Movies

For the location that is more Bar and less restaurant. Add Adult Trivia to either of the other two options for just $10 when you purchase a year option. Two trivia games in one night is a great option for bars.